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Guided Tours - Photography in open space

01/08/2017 - 31/12/2017

Located in the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes, the locality of Clervaux has not lost its pictorial character. The small town is very frequented by tourism and represents a center of development and attraction in the rural environment.
"The Family of Man", had a direct influence on the local identity: a cultural project was born in 2004, called "Clervaux - city of the image". Clervaux, as the "city of the picture" is highlighted by various projects of contemporary photography. The photographic installations located in the public space, transform the village into a gallery under open skies.

On the program, 7 open-air photographic installations.

In collaboration with The Family of Man, combined guided tours are possible.

The 2-hour tour includes a visit to the museum as well as an outdoor tour through the photographic installations. (For more information, see The Family of Man Museum)

Available in several languages
Duration : 1 hour
60 € / guided tour

Combined with THE FAMILY OF MAN
2 hours : 100 € / guided tour

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