Saison 2015-2016 7 installations à ciel ouvert dans le cadre du Mois Européen de la Photographie au Luxembourg

Season 2014/2015


23/04/2015 - 30/09/2015

7 photographic installations in open space within the framework of the European Month of Photography in Luxembourg 2015

Ursula Böhmer, Klaus Pichler, Julia Willms, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Laurent Chéhère, Thierry Konarzewski, Catherine Balet

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The station is graced with photographs featuring railway tracks and trains. One image depicts the platforms and the silhouette of a man who I think is my father! In reality, however, it is but an anonymous figure. I love this photo.
There is an inherent power to photography that defies logic: the trigger evoking memory recall. One does not need to be passionate about trains and railway stations to appreciate an image for what it does not even depict and never intended on depicting...

Photography involves humans in unexpected and magical ways. Outside of all concepts, it succeeds in touching its observer. By association, it finds its way into the human conscience to become part of its memory.

The present open-air installations in Clervaux imply an ecological, social or poetic involvement. They evoke a technical process that combines concrete and virtual realities. Their research takes place on an urban scale, questions the landscape, shines with the author's passion and engages in a debate at European level, going so far as to adopt a global vision.

They furthermore allow an additional approach, namely that of sensitive contemplation pitting itself against intellectualism.

Photography rejoices in every glance.

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