Table ronde in Luxembourg

Meet the artists - Part 2


PORTRAIT Beyond The Frame

Turmoil and Hope. Distance and Closeness. Identity and Community. Home and Migration. Distinction and Empathy. Farewell and Restart.

In this year's collection ‚Portrait Hors Cadre' the "Cité de l'image" presents photographic positions dealing with the portrait in a very unique way - the portrait of an individual, a community, a society, a country. Their interpretations and possible perspectives are diverse : next to a portrait series of the photographer's vigorous grand aunt one can discover a body of work dealing with a country in ambivalent atmosphere and in search for identity, or one can find seemingly anonymous individuals' back views next to sublime landscape photographs.

What is a contemporary portrait of today's society likely to look, what might it mediate, implicate, scrutinise? The artists' works exhibited in Clervaux examine its various facets, reveal diverse, sometimes conflicting, often very human and unexpected perspectives, open up for new contexts, new angles.
For the second time "Cité de l'image" warmly invites everyone to join a public discussion with the artists. This year you can meet Susan Barnett, Peter Bialobrzeski, Isabelle Graeff, Denis Dailleux and David Spero.

Table ronde / Panel Discussion
with the photographers
19h30 - 21h00 | Auditorium Cité
Cercle Cité
3 Rue Genistre, L-1623 Luxembourg
Free entrance | Languages FR & EN

Presentation: Céline Coubray