Relationships are often based on an idea of infinity. And yet, like everything in our world, they are transient. Depending on the situation and personal feelings, both transience and infinity can be a factor of hope or fear. No end without a beginning, no beginning without an end - what does this dynamic do to us?

In a poetic and partly symbolic way, the artist Liz Lambert explores the questions of how relationships come into being and develop, what role mental health and past experiences play in this and what effects they can have on oneself - in both a positive and negative sense. What does it mean to open up, knowing full well that this makes you vulnerable and open to attack? How to allow and endure fears and insecurities so that something greater can grow?

In this work, Liz Lambert reflects on her personal experiences by combining self-portraits and spontaneous mobile phone photos of fleeting moments and allowing them to enter into a dialogue. Since the photos do not show faces and seem to be taken out of context, they radiate something mysterious and at the same time guarantee a certain anonymity. A space is created that allows for subjective emotions and interpretations.

Liz Lambert (*1993, Luxembourg) lives and works in Saarbruecken, graduated with a Master's degree in Religious Studies. In photography she has found a medium that allows her to capture and process her attentive and sensitive view of the world. She finds inspiration in everyday life.

Exhibition view

Photos © Mike Zenari / CDI, 2024