Photographer Thaddäus Biberauer takes us on his journeys through the nature of Europe. From the gloomy forest landscape, wild rivers, dancing flower fields to the sand dunes and the sea. The blurred snapshots, staged almost picturesquely, invite us to dream. Reality blurs, one loses oneself in space and time.

By deliberately manipulating the photographs, he puts his own stamp on his pictures, while photographing with filters offers a multitude of possibilities for experimentation and design.

Intuitively, Thaddäus Biberauer captures every sight, engaging with his personal connection to nature. Soft colours and gentle lighting with somewhat dramatic contrasts are in dialogue with each other. Every emotion and mood is captured, while Thaddäus Biberauer's photographs also have nostalgic elements and allow feelings and memories to be preserved in a visual way.

Thaddäus Biberauer, born and raised in Austria. His main profession is as a software engineer. Since 2019, he has been intensively exploring the medium of photography and has integrated photography into his everyday activities. After a short time, the handling with his camera and photography itself captured him, so that this became his main activity.

Exhibition view

Photos © Mike Zenari / CDI, 2024